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Private breast screening and diagnostic service prices

Below you will find price ranges for all the private breast screening and diagnostic services offered by BreastHealth UK. For exact prices at your local BreastHealth UK clinic, please see prices for each clinic location.

General Breast Screening

Consultant Consultation

£200 - £270

BreastCheck by breast specialist nurse

£145 - £175

Consultation with breast surgeon (includes history and clinical breast examination)

£200 - £310

Consultation with breast surgeon (includes history, clinical breast examination and IVF)

£200 - £310

Mammogram (both breasts)

£210 - £240

BreastHealth Risk Assessment (family and medical history only – no genetic test)


General Diagnostic

Ultrasound (one breast)

£175 - £410

Ultrasound (two breasts)

£210 - £410

Ultrasound-guided aspiration with pathology report


Ultrasound-guided aspiration without pathology report


Ultrasound-guided biopsy with pathology report


Breast MRI (both breasts)


OneStop breast cancer diagnostic/symptomatic Clinic


Genetic Breast Cancer Testing

Genetic counsellor consultation, 1 hour


BRCA1 & BRCA2 test including before and after genetic counsellor consultations


BreastHealth Risk Assessment Test including breast surgeon consultation


* Depending on number of procedures.

There is no VAT on these services.

Book an appointment at your local BreastHealth UK clinic by calling FREE on 0800 085 6616

Cancellation policy

Appointments can only be changed or cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, in which case you can either book a new appointment, have your deposit returned (OneStop appointments) or no charge will be made. If you try to change or cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice BreastHealth UK reserves the right to withhold your deposit and will attempt to find an alternative appointment date as soon as is mutually possible. "No show" will result in BreastHealth UK charging your payment card / withholding your deposit without any obligation to find a new appointment.

Please note: BreastHealth UK will not charge your credit or debit card until 5 days after your appointment but will charge £1 to your account upon appointment confirmation to validate your card. This applies to all services except for OneStop appointments, where £200 deposit is taken upon appointment confirmation.

For any questions or to book your breast screening or BreastCheck appointment please contact us FREE on 0800 085 6616.

OneStop Clinic
If you are worried you may have breast cancer
If you want regular screening for breast cancer
If you want a private or supplementary mammogram
BreastGene or BRCA1 & BRCA2
If your family has a history of breast or ovarian cancer
If you would like to undergo screening for breast cancer prior to proceeding with IVF treatment
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