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MyBreastRisk FAQ

What is MyBreastRisk?

MyBreastRisk is the first commercially available test that combines inherited, genetic and lifestyle factors to estimate a woman’s personal lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

How is my genetic risk calculated?

MyBreastRisk includes an at-home saliva DNA test that measures 77 tiny errors in DNA (SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that each have a low impact on breast cancer risk but are powerful in combination. The more SNPs you have, the higher your breast cancer risk.

How is my family history and lifestyle risk calculated?

MyBreastRisk includes the Tyrer-Cuzick family history and lifestyle questionnaire to estimate your personal lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

Does it matter if I don’t know my family history?

No. You can have the DNA test on its own to estimate your risk of developing breast cancer.

Why should I have MyBreastRisk?

The test will allow you to have a more personalised breast screening programme that is tailored to your age and underlying risk. If you are at higher risk, you can start breast screening at a younger age, or have more intense screening. The test can also help identify those women who can be treated with drugs like Tamoxifen to reduce their breast cancer risk.

How old do I have to be to have MyBreastRisk?

The test is routinely available to women aged 30+ to ensure that screening is available if you are found to be at high risk.

How soon will I receive my result?

Your result will usually be available within 8 weeks of receiving your DNA sample.

How will I know which breast screening is best for me?

When we write to you with the results of MyBreastRisk, we will advise you on the optimal breast screening programme based on your risk, age and current NICE guidelines. BreastHealth UK can help you manage your breast screening programme in the private sector.

If I am at high risk, can I be seen in the NHS?

Current NICE guidelines advise that women at moderate or high risk of developing breast cancer are eligible for additional breast screening within the NHS. Please take your results letter to the GP to ask for a referral letter.

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