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BMI The Blackheath Hospital
Blackheath Hospital Winchester House, Independance Road, London, SE3 9LF

BMI The Blackheath Hospital
Blackheath Hospital Winchester House,Independance Road, London

Services available at BMI The Blackheath Hospital

  • OneStop Breast Clinic

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What is a OneStop Breast Clinic

A OneStop breast clinic is a rapid access diagnostic clinic for women of any age who have developed recent symptoms of breast cancer such as a lump, breast pain, discharge or nipple inversion.

What does OneStop involve

A OneStop breast clinic offers triple assessment which offers the most thorough and accurate diagnosis. Triple assessment includes:

  • Clinical breast examination – a physical examination of the breasts (included in the initial consultation fee)
  • Breast ultrasound +/- mammography (an additional fee if required)
  • Needle core biopsy if lump found (an additional fee if required)

Performing all of these tests on one day will reduce the time to diagnosis making sure that any treatment that is needed can be started straightaway.

An initial OneStop breast clinic consultation costs £250 (£270 in London)

Ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, pathology, cyst aspiration and any other follow up procedures that are recommended will be additional charges directly from the hospital.

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