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Breast Cancer Screening Services

It is a fact that with breast cancer, early detection saves lives. The breast cancer survival rates for women with early stage breast cancer are significantly better than those with later stages of the disease. This is why BreastHealth UK have put together a comprehensive range of private breast cancer screening services to ensure any problems are detected quickly and early on.

Our key breast cancer screening services include:

BreastCheck – A risk assessment, clinical breast examination by a breast specialist nurse , advice on self-examination and a personalised breast screening programme.

OneStop Clinic – For women or men who have developed breast cancer symptoms we offer a series of tests called triple assessment that include a clinical breast examination, mammography or ultrasound and, if required, a biopsy. This gives the best chance of detecting breast cancer if it is present.

Genetic Testing – Services include BRCA1 & BRCA2 genetic testing where there is a history of breast cancer in the family, genetic counselling and risk assessment.

IVF Breast Screening – For women undergoing IVF (and therefore usually at an average age of 36) we offer a breast cancer screening service with clinical breast examination, advice on self-examination, a breast screening report and personalised breast screening programme

BreastHealth UK also offers mammograms, ultrasound and MRI screening should clinical breast examination identify issues or you would like a second opinion.

Arranging Breast Cancer Screening

If you are worried about breast cancer, whether you are displaying any symptoms or not, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Our service is fast, confidential and we will give you peace of mind that you know how to monitor your own breast health.

Breast Screening Benefits

Early detection saves lives and there is now strong evidence that breast screening using mammography leads to earlier breast cancer detection and improved survival. A recent research study has shown the risk of death from breast cancer can be reduced by almost 50% by participating in a breast screening programme. Mammography however, will not pick up all breast cancers. BreastHealth UK also offers BreastCheck to improve the sensitivity of breast screening.

It is now well recognised that breast awareness and self examination are important in maintaining breast health and bring benefits. Despite this, many women find self-examination difficult to perform or interpret. In addition a number of breast cancers missed by mammography may present as a lump or thickening on breast examination. A regular clinical breast examination by one of our breast specialist nurses provides an effective way for you to monitor early changes in your breasts and learn self-examination.

Another breast screening benefit that is often not mentioned is that early detection often means there is no need to remove the entire breast (mastectomy) and reconstructive surgery can be more successful. Macmillan Cancer state that 70% of women detected through screening have breast conserving surgery in comparison with only 55% outside of the screening programme.

BreastHealth UK is working with some of the leading breast surgeons, helping BreastHealth UK to stay at the forefront of technology and provide personalised breast health screening programmes and consultations to ensure breast screening benefits are maximised.

Participating in BreastHealth UK's breast screening programme will give you all the benefits mentioned above, a strong sense of being well looked after and peace of mind.

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