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Genetic Testing & Counselling

What is genetic counselling?

Individuals with a family history of cancer often have many questions, including: Am I at risk? Are my children at risk? And what can I do to detect or reduce my risk of cancer? Genetic counsellors aim to answer these questions and explain the underlying causes of cancer where possible.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing can help you understand the risk of developing cancer or passing it on to your children. It is a personal decision you should make in collaboration with your family, doctor, and genetic counsellor. Genetic cancer testing looks at the DNA code for a specific gene or genes. It provides information about the gene(s) which are analysed and is usually performed on a blood or saliva sample.

Genetic counselling and testing services are provided by our sister company GeneHealth UK. To find out more about our genetic services, please visit the GeneHealth UK website.


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